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Word up in 2021

Ready or not, 2021 is here! I don’t know about you, but I managed to find some downtime, eat too much food that was definitely not on a diet plan, and visit with family via video chat.
December was also a month of finishing up projects and planning several more for the new year. Typically, I use the last month of the year to pump myself up for the work ahead. I also pick a word to carry with me into the new year. Kind of an anchor word, a mantra to keep me on track, to keep me focused.
This year I found my word on Pinterest. When I saw this pin, I knew it was THE ONE.
Vagary (n.)
an unpredictable instance, a wandering journey, a whimsical, wild, or unusual idea, desire, or action.
Looking back at 2020, I can honestly say that my creative mojo took a nosedive. Stories came harder. My camera sat in my closet. And photography, the thing that sparks my creativity, seemed more of a chore than an escape. Many of you might relate.
But the start of a new year brings a new outlook. And I’m more than ready for an unpredictable, wandering journey into whimsical lands, where wild and unusual ideas are waiting for me to find them. This is the year I find my creative mojo!
What about you? What are you bringing with you into the new year? If you were to choose a word, what would it be? I’d love to know in the comments!
Happy New Year!

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