lone shopping cart


They left it there. As if it hadn’t held all they owned––the scrounged up, the stolen and the bartered. There was a time when it was full, heaped with what they thought of as survival gear. The first day out, on the road outside the city, they knew only two things would keep them alive, water and weapons. Water they had. A whole case of it hidden on the bottom of the cart. Weapons were another beast all together. They’d never believed in carrying. Never felt the need. Until now. It wasn’t until they’d pushed the cart over seventy miles of potholed asphalt that they abandoned it. They had their weapons now. Along with blood stained clothes they never got clean. They left the cart in the back of a looted Walmart. Seemed fitting, they said, then walked away with their shotguns and pistols held at the ready. They never looked back.

  • OOOOhhhhhh….how intriguing. Full of it. That and the stench of bad decisions made that can’t be taken back.
    PS…There seems to be a colour scheme to your photos of late…dusty and destertess. (Is that a word??) 🙂 Me likey!!!

    June 23, 2017at9:39 pm
  • So many ways! One has to wonder if it’s somehow connected to our perception in life…hmmmm 🙂

    June 23, 2017at11:22 pm
  • Mary Izzo

    Ooh. Great stuff Carmen. I picture a young guy, dazed, hungry in the dead heat, belly down and barely able to pick himself up. He has just enough energy left to get himself across the street to the Railroad tracks . . . end it all.

    June 24, 2017at4:11 pm
  • Carolyn L Szatkowski

    Carmen, This a great ekphrasis project. The story reflects the emptiness of being left behind, whether as a cart that was once useful or a metaphor for a person who was once useful. Well done.

    June 27, 2017at8:10 pm
  • Kathryn Kern

    Love the start Carmen:) Intriguing like the first Steven King book I read when I was 17 called the ‘last stand’ (?) Can’t wait for more…….

    June 30, 2017at3:53 pm

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