Speaking of the gods…TARTARUS


Speaking of the gods…TARTARUS

In Greek mythology, Tartarus is the deep abyss where the wicked––the badest of the bad––were sent to live out their days in torment and suffering. It is also where most of the Titans and those that helped them, ended up after the war against the gods of Olympus.
Think hell, but lower. Tartarus is a part of the Underworld but said to be far below the realm of Hades. It is a place of horror for those who are bound to it, their punishment fitting the crimes they committed in life.
Tartarus is also a primordial deity, one of the first gods born from Chaos.

The more books I write, the more I realize how little of the research I do ends up in my finished novel. My work in progress is a current telling of the lives of goddess Persephone and her husband Hades. Instead of leaving most of my research on the cutting room floor, I thought I’d share some of it with you. It also works as a bit of a teaser for the finished book…


Excerpt from Novel:

A hand shaped like a hammer reaches through the flames and slams to the ground. “Hades!” A loud speaker blares his name, startling him awake. “Is this not the land of the gods? His father’s voice booms through the room, just like every room he ever occupied.
“Cronus.” Hades says in greeting, neither in surprise or anger.
“What? No ‘dad or father?’”
“You say that every time. Maybe if you hadn’t eaten me and everyone else mom bore, you could claim that title. Be happy I don’t kick you back to Tatarus on your metaphysical ass.”

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