Sing Me A Song, Bluebird

Sing Me A Song, Bluebird

In the beginning of the world, there was a bird, small and ugly, waddling on the ground, unaware it had wings. It sang to the blue skies, voice soaring and dipping, longing and magic infused within every note. This went on for days and then weeks until the sky reached down and cradled the bird within its soft breeze. Blue seeped from one to the other, painting the bird’s feathers with color. The bird stuck out its chest and plumped up its feathers in gratitude, and the sky whispered, “come join me.” The bluebird’s wings carried its now beautiful body in the currents of wind, cradled once more by the sky. And to this day, the bluebird and the sky have remained the closest of friends.


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  • Michelle Sampson

    I don’t think I’ll ever photograph a bluebird again and look at it the same way. That’s for enlarging my vision!

    October 25, 2020at12:00 pm

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