Postcard Stories - A Series

The Postcard Stories is a collection of flash fiction stories and the photographs that inspired them.

Photographer and writer Carmen Kern seeks to capture the visual stories that live outside our front doors, lurk around street corners, and run-down alleyways into abandoned buildings.

This book is a collection of flash fiction stories (small enough to fit on the back of a postcard) and the colorful photography that inspired them. Throughout, Kern’s characteristic style—quirky, mythical, and fantastical—shines through. This book explores the grit and wonder of today’s culture.

“This is my way of slowing down, listening, and asking the question ‘what if.’ And hopefully, in the process, I can encourage others to see the world through a different lens, to be inspired by the very things we pass by every day.” —Carmen Kern

Postcard Stories Video

The Postcard Stories Journey.
How my photography informs my fiction in stories that fit on a postcard.
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