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Postcard Stories - A Series

The Postcard Stories is a collection of flash fiction stories and the photographs that inspired them.

Once, there was…

A view master that shows the future. A life saving shopping cart. A shadow separated from its human. The Postcard Stories Volume 2 is a collection of flash fiction stories small enough to fit on the back of a postcard, written in response to the places and things we pass by every day. Throughout, Kern’s characteristic style—quirky, mythical, and fantastical—shines through.

Volume 2 is a continued exploration of the ever-changing world we live in. And it begs to answer the unanswerable question of what if?

What Amazon readers are saying: “This postcard book is a piece of art. When you open the book, you are automatically drawn to the artistic pictures and matching layout. Without being aware, you begin to create your own reality until you start reading. A complete other world unfolds. It’s the perfect book to unwind and pause.”

Pick up your copy today! And better yet, make a matching pair with the Postcards Stories Volume 1!

Postcard Stories Video

The Postcard Stories Journey.
How my photography informs my fiction in stories that fit on a postcard.
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