the art of a broken heart, flashfiction

Music of Starlight

The heart lies beside him, whole, pink and beating. Thump. Thump, the drumbeat of someone who knew how to make music or war. She picks it up and cracks it open on the nearest rock.
Rumors and legends spread throughout the kingdom of unimaginable treasures found inside human hearts. They are just rumors, but still, it can’t hurt to take a look. Seeds and string and feathers fall from the broken heart––seeds of hate and lust that never did catch hold and grow, strings, thin but strong, tied to kindness and love, and a lone white feather of hope that never did fly away.
She looks around, then hurriedly picks up the pieces, shoving them into the cracked shell of a heart, piecing it together as best she can before placing it back where it belongs. She waits for something to happen. But it never does. After long, long days she takes the treasures with her, back to her village.
And at night, as the fire dies and coals glow, her ears roar with a wild, thump, thump of music that tastes of starlight and hope. It is the song of a music maker.

Postcard-sized flash fiction about the things we think we know about death, love, life and everything in between. And it all starts with an image...
  • Michelle Sampson

    Oh the mysteries of “us”….
    I wonder what some strange futuristic human will think of what lies within my heart when I am found????

    April 17, 2019at9:50 pm
  • Kim

    This short story places me right in it. I can actually see the heart being cracked open. The fire, the village. I am glad it was the sound of music playing vs war that night.

    April 18, 2019at7:06 am
  • Carolyn L Szatkowski

    Carmen, How beautiful and timely this piece is. Carolyn

    May 1, 2019at10:15 am

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