fire escape, back alley, latter, climb, break in

Fire Escape

Nine in the morning, the best time to break in, take what I want and leave. I’m not saying its sexy. And no, it isn’t legal. But it puts food on the table, at least most of the time. The trick is to do your homework. Know a routine. Most people leave for work by nine––and I’ve had my coffee. I call it my golden hour when shadows are hard-edged from a sun that is well on its way to the top of the world.
Even in the worst alleys, this hour smells of sunlight and coffee. The urine smell doesn’t come till later. Once the heat has settled between the buildings and baked the tenant’s garbage and whatever else is left from the day before.
It is a glorious morning. The metal ladder warm but not hot to the touch. The window is cracked open––like always. Most of my hits are just a job. Business. But today––today it is personal. I know who lives here. I did my research. I followed him home from your place. From the house, we bought together. The house where my kid sleeps and eats and plays. I know where the man works. What he looks like and how many parking tickets he’s had. I take all my jobs seriously, but this one most of all.
I pull the crowbar from my belt. The air is sweeter than usual. Like candy. I taste it for a moment before easing the claw between window and pane…

Postcard-sized flash fiction about the strangeness of life and family and everything in between. And it all starts with an image...

fire escape, back alley, latter, climb, break in

  • Michelle Sampson

    …how did you know that, about the urine smell, how?

    But after reading this for the third time I guess it’s safe to say that he “ain’t over the breakup”??? So, what now? He may not be able to have her but anyone else that does can expect him to pay them a visit? OOOh, OOOh, OOOh, this happens more than once and that “ex” is gonna be up in his face and she’ll be bringing the law in on it real soon.

    He best enjoy that “candy” for sure right now because I think crap will be rolling his way real soon. But, yeah, wait, this is your story……

    July 31, 2018at12:57 am

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