Monday the 46th


Monday the 46th

They’re closing Cheese n Stuff, for good or maybe for renos, I’m not sure which. Remember when dad took us here for our first sub sandwich? We both got a club. Growing up I think you tried every number on the menu, but me, I stuck to that #9, Club Deluxe.
There’s a girl who works behind the counter, she started almost a year ago after you left for boot camp. Her name is Delilah. I kid you not. I couldn’t help but think I was Sampson looking at her that first time like she could do anything to me and I wouldn’t fight back.
The last day, just before they started cleaning out the prep counter, I went in. Your usual? Delilah asked. I don’t know if it was the way she looked at me three inches deep as if we knew each other’s secrets, but I asked for the Ruben with extra sauce. I liked the way it stopped her, how she smiled a wicked smile. We didn’t talk as she cut the bread and piled the meat higher than usual.
Delilah had the whole thing made and rung up before she said anything else. I like your haircut, it suits you. I kid you not, that’s what she said. Turns out the place stayed closed, and I never saw Delilah again––for better or worse. When I think about her now, I wonder if she would’ve been the end of me. But what a way to go, brother, what a way to go. 

  • Michelle Sampson

    And now you are coming at me from both sides, males and female points of view.

    And he was right you know. In the end she would have been the end of him.

    That’s how Delilah’s grow…

    May 11, 2018 at 10:54 pm

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