Postcard-sized flash fiction about the things we think we know about sky, earth, life and everything in between. And it all starts with an image...

just like you

“The sad thing is, we are just like you,” it said. “Only better. We don’t toil and slave for others. We just are. We dress better than you but wear no designer labels. We have no traffic jams or guns or old hurts. We just are.
The rains and sun feed us and we bless you with color––the color of joy. We bend and sing with the winds and when our days are over we offer ourselves to the earth and she gladly takes us in. “Are you crying?” it asked.
I thought I was but I didn’t know why.

  • Michelle Sampson

    I always wondered, you know. So they have an outward focus as well not only bending to the mood of the sun but their own moods as well. But they get to live cheaper!

    June 12, 2019at8:12 pm

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