Field of Bones by Carmen Kern
Field of Bones: Short Story

It was their bones. All the ones she’d done in. That’s what really got me––it was the knowing. 

Reported missing by his family, sixty-something Hugh can’t remember where he’s been or how he ends up in Ned and Nancy’s farm with nothing but a rucksack and a pillbox. When they offer food and a place to lay his head in exchange for work, he takes them up on it. But it doesn’t take long for Hugh to feel the ‘wrong’ in a place. Dark men in Cadillacs haunt him. Dinners turn gluttonous. Bones are found in hay fields and the dead watch from reflections. Hugh slowly loses his mind. Or so he thinks. The secrets of the old farm want to be told and Hugh’s the only one listening. If only he can get out in time. If only he can remember.

Satan's Historian

What if you call for Death, but the Devil shows up instead?
Life sucks, and then you die, at least you try to. Or, if you’re James Rucker, Lucifer, aka. The Devil shows up at your door instead of Death, job offer in hand. An offer Rucker can’t refuse. Not if he wants his family safe and fully souled.

Rucker is sentenced to hell, writing Lucifer’s memoir.

The hours are brutal. His demonic colleagues are lousy conversationalists, and the health benefits are still up in the air.

But after his first live showing of the fall of Lucifer Morningstar and the sins of the Garden, he discovers there is more to history than what he’d learned in university, and his own past isn’t what he thought it was.

The bets are on the table as heaven and hell roll the die for Rucker’s future.

Coming January 2019
What if you call for death, but the devil shows up instead?