beware of dog

Beware of Dog

I tell myself that…
they won’t know I didn’t find the character that pulled the entire story together until the end, because of course there had to be a Franciscan nun showing up at his door
wait…not a nun, a black dragon that blows confetti out of its nostrils
I tell myself that…
no one sees the pile of sawdust as I sand down my story with 100 grit paper because of those rough words
and maybe they won’t be able to tell that I could only write one good sentence today
or that for too many times to count I put my head down on my desk and said, “I don’t know what I’m doing,” or “I can’t do this.”
And maybe there are others thinking these exact things (probably not the dragon bit) about the thing they’re creating, imagining, or doing.
So I remind myself to beware the dog of doubt. Even though the sign is meant as a warning, I’m going to ignore it. Get on with things. Do the work and take a chance. And if all else fails, I’ve still got a confetti breathing dragon in my arsenal. And that, my friends, trumps the dog of doubt any day.


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