Alien Ride Along

Alien Ride Along

You don’t need to believe in urban legends or myths, to make them true. Take the multiple UFO sightings in New Mexico. You’ve heard about them, maybe even seen them for yourself—the glowing disks or triangles of light.
Speculations of alien spies have been around for decades. Movies depict willowy, big-eyed beings stranded on this earth for one reason, or something completely different, a slimy, toothy, lizard-like being who wants nothing more than to take over earth and then blow it all into space dust. It’s so dramatic, really, the speculations.
The truth is, we’re just travelers. Most of us come here for family vacations. We take on any shape that strikes our fancy and do a little sightseeing. Take this beauty here. My wife saw this car in a city street and that was that. She slid into red and chrome and tan leather seats. She smiled a little brighter, a little wider than the original, but it looked good on her. She spent months on the road with a photographer who was documenting the decline of Route 66. The things she saw—she still talks about how our trip to earth was her favorite ever. Maybe one day we’ll come back, I tell her. One day.



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  • Mary Izzo

    I met a few aliens quite a few years ago. They were nice and intelligent. Gave me a few pointers about how amazing the universe is. That maybe someday when we were ready we could visit them. Not yet, though.
    Thanks for the memories.

    October 3, 2020at10:46 am
  • Michelle Sampson

    Glad to see Covid has done nothing to stifle your creativity!

    While I feel, at times, as if I’m living in an “alien” country” it’s nice to know those “aliens” found it so great they are hoping for a return visit!

    As usual, such a great Postcard!

    October 3, 2020at1:45 pm

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