Carmen Kern

Carmen Kern is a writer of all things fantastical and a photographer based in Phoenix, AZ. Her roots are buried deep in Canadian soil where the Ogopogo and the occasional Sasquatch have been known to lurk.

Her work tends to be infused with mythological creatures, the immortal and most things unexplainable.

When she isn’t writing, she can be found in alleyways and barren landscapes taking pictures and foraging for story ideas.

Postcard Stories

The Postcard Stories Journey.
How my photography informs my fiction in stories that fit on a postcard.

Random Facts

My ideal dinner party––Ellen Degeneres, Stephen King, Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake, Anne Lamott, and David Sedaris. Of course we’d be laughing too hard to eat…

My favorite quote––“Well behaved women seldom make history.” That pretty much says it all.

If I was a tree––I’d be a Redwood so I’d finally know what its like to be tall.

Work In Progress


The Fall of the Gods

The Queen of the Underworld is coming, and this time, she’s here to stay.

Another year in the Underworld, another spring to unleash on earth. Persephone takes the subway topside with plans never to go back. But as with most stories of the gods, the Fates like to stir things up a little.

Life in the Overworld has changed. Immortals are dying. The god’s horde what powers they have and her mother is seeing a shrink. With her return to Vancouver, Persephone plays to her Underworld side and lies to her family, stirs up alliances and makes strange deals in strange worlds, all to find the lost Garden of Eden and her freedom.

Enter the Fates. And Hades, who hears the rumors of his wife’s plans to break the binds of the Underworld and is hell-bent on winning her back. But it is more than his marriage the god of the Underworld is fighting for. The gods blame him for the recent deaths of their own. And they are good at holding a grudge and throwing an occasional thunderbolt which they do, all the while Persephone slips further away.

The dead won’t stay dead, a demi-god needs a shake up, and blood spills on the way to Eden. But Eden isn’t all Persephone thought it would be. A broken-down bowling alley filled with cosplay angels and a killer sword sworn to protect the very thing Persephone needs. She’s wanted this for millennia. Freedom. A choice. But is she making the right one?

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One Body. Two Souls. One of them has to go.

Soul Keeper  

One body. Two Souls. Only one of them can stay.

In 2167, prisoner rehabilitation has taken on a new name––Redeemed. On an off-planet prison barge, Pure Souls are grown and programmed to erase the Souls of the Condemned. The project is experimental. And it works. Until it doesn’t.

What looks like a routine Soul War for Keeper, Hayley Seger, turns out to be anything but. Prisoner 53231, not only remembers his name but who he was.

With a growing distrust of project Aphelion, Haley covers up the botched Soul War. Their lives take a dangerous turn as they search for a way to save Vaughn, and uncover dark truths about Aphelion––truths that could bring down a prison system, disrupt the comfortable world of the surface and become fugitives with little hope of survival.

People they love are threatened, betrayals are uncovered and choices are made. And in the end, all they can do is run––and live.

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I am the Seller. Proprietor or weapons, curses, and blessings. Giver of vengeance, pandemonium, death, time and nightmares…all for the right price.

The Seller  

I am the Seller. Proprietor or weapons, curses, and blessings. Giver of vengeance, pandemonium, death, time and nightmares…all for the right price.

My shop is one of legend and myth. It has many faces, each one worn according to the seeker. Some come to sell, some to buy or trade but all pay a heavy price.

This is the story of a man who mourns his prophetic dead wife, sells his wares and stays hidden from the Fixers and their galactic law. That is, most of the time.

It is also your story. A haunted Franciscan nun running from the voices in her head. A hybrid young man losing his humanity. A desperate band of ex-gunrunners hunting down an ancient cloak on a forgotten planet. The lonely. The wealthy and the unlucky. All who pass through my doors want something. And often they get more than they bargained for. For good or bad.

I am not your conscience, your savior or judge. I am the Seller. And have I got a deal for you.

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What I've Been Up To

2018          Author Interview –– The Story Booker –– link is here

2017          Short Story, Alien Skin –– Reflex Fiction –– story link here
2017          Finalist in the Odyssey Con Flash Fiction Contest
2016          Issue #18, Vine Leaves Literary Journal
2014          Napa Valley Writers Conference
2013          Writing by Writers Workshop in Tomales Bay

paradise valley community college review anthology – published short stories:

2013-2014  Short Story–First Place | Poetry–First Place
2012-2013  Short Story-Honorable Mention | Poetry–Honorable Mention
2008-2015  DECENT-Xposure Photo Blog

``Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today –– but the core of science fiction, its essence has become crucial to our salvation if we are to be saved at all.``––Isaac Asimov