Carmen Kern

IMG_3087 (1)I’m a fiction writer and photography junkie. I was born in Regina, Saskatchewan, only to be bundled up and moved to a town in North Dakota that had a population of 250 give or take. I started reading fairy tales and mythology books from my dad’s library as soon as I learned to read. We moved every few years for my dad’s job as a pastor––new church and a new home.  Books were my escape. They were my friends. I started writing different versions of my favorite stories. Soon, I made up my own worlds. I read sci-fi. I wrote a series of stories about life on a purple planet. I read fantasy and wrote of a young girl who found magic books in her fathers library.

I live in Phoenix, Arizona, where I still study my craft and love that I don’t have to shovel snow to make a path to my car 8 months of the year. I miss Canadian beer and Tim Horton’s coffee. If I were forced to run for border, I would head North with my four cameras, a handful of books, two boxes of unfinished manuscripts, my husband, my son and my dog with the Dr. Seuss tail. It just wouldn’t be an adventure without them.

Random Facts

My ideal dinner party––Ellen Degeneres, Stephen King, Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake, Anne Lamott, and David Sedaris. Of course we’d be laughing too hard to eat…

My favorite quote––“Well behaved women seldom make history.” That pretty much says it all.

If I was a tree––I’d be a Redwood so I’d finally know what its like to be tall.

Work In Progress


Soul Keeper

In 2067, rehabilitation has taken on a new name––Redeemed. Pure Souls have been harvested and programmed to erase the damaged souls of the Condemned. Once injected, the Pure Soul hunts down the original soul in what is called the Soul Wars.

What looks like a routine Soul War for Keeper, Hayley Seger, turns out to be anything but. “Help me,” Vaughn said, begging with one eye the blue color of the Pure and the other, the original grey he was born with. Two Souls in one body. His Soul War was not over.

Hayley, with an already growing distrust of what she and her bosses at Aphelion are doing, covers up the botched Soul War. Their lives take a dangerous turn as they search for a way to save Vaughn and uncover dark truths about Aphelion––truths that could change everything.

People they love are threatened, betrayals are uncovered and choices are made. And in the end, all that is left to do is run––and survive.

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Satan’s Historian: In the beginning…

Rucker waits for Death. He’s opened the door, sent out the invitation. But who shows up is someone else entirely.

A golden stranger bursts into Rucker’s life with a flourish and a job proposal–– write a memoir. Slowed and blurred by the drugs in his system, Rucker is lead into a new world by this stranger who calls himself Lucifer. The Lucifer. And the death Rucker had craved is held back and dangled as the golden carrot in exchange for documenting the history of the most famous of fallen angels.

Is it the drugs? Or could this be real?

Rucker, the history student with his own daddy issues and a bend towards the depressing side of life, is thrust into the past, manipulated and threatened with life by his new employer. As Lucifer unveils the story of his past, Rucker is forced to face his own demons in accepting the job that was offered. But this is only the beginning…

To Completion0

What I've Been Up To

2017          Finalist in the Odyssey Con Flash Fiction Contest
2016          Issue #18, Vine Leaves Literary Journal
2014          Napa Valley Writers Conference
2013          Writing by Writers Workshop in Tomales Bay

paradise valley community college review anthology – published short stories:

2013-2014  Short Story–First Place | Poetry–First Place
2012-2013  Short Story-Honorable Mention | Poetry–Honorable Mention
2008-2015  DECENT-Xposure Photo Blog

``Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today –– but the core of science fiction, its essence has become crucial to our salvation if we are to be saved at all.``––Isaac Asimov