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This is where I’ll share my short stories, quirky photo art and any other strangeness I come across.
Postcards Found in a Shoebox (A Series)
metal shed
Thurs. the 28th

Mrs. Marcy, the neighbor from upstairs, said she saw you the other night, shivering behind the Greyhound Bus Station. I went to look for myself. There was an old man warming his hands over a burning garbage can. I asked if he’d seen a brown eyed girl with a missing pinkie finger. He didn’t answer, just blew on his hands and stared into the flame.

When we were kids, you talked about living like a hobo, living in train cars, basements and abandoned buildings. You weren’t scared, not even then.

I told you that was ok––I could be scared for both of us.


Stories, images and random thoughts on life…

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